Sunday, May 13, 2012

Distractions and updates.

First up this is where we are with the Mustang: it's looking pretty gutted and the axle is still firmly attached to the drive shaft. There is a 12 sided socket/spanner we need in a specific size which Jeff is getting tomorrow. Then it's all systems go!

I used to be a Mustang honest! (huge sippy cup just in shot...)

We've been using a lot of Jeff's tools to get this done, mostly because his are all nicely organised and to avoid getting them too mixed in with Daniel's. So we've been being very careful not to muddle everything up. Or you could just spray all Jeff's one's we're using orange and be done with it...

This works too.

You can tell which one's we've used so far. They're distinctly less orange!

Distractions 2a:
 The Bandit is done. All rejetted, retuned and running like a champ. Those pipes may look stock but they've been drilled and it sounds sooo much better! 

Actually you can't see the pipes, just take my word for it!

Scooter is ready to rock!

Distractions 2b: 
The Harley is coming back together. The back wheel has been off, brakes replaced, belts checked, powder coating chipped in the process -awesome- and now the brakes are being drained. 

Back wheel is on again, almost there!

The air box cover is off so they can figure out how to wire in the HID headlight Daniel's been wanting to install for a while. With all the extra wiring for the LEDs and the Power Commander there's not a lot of room left for anything else. But between 2 Crew Chiefs something will get figured out!

Brake draining....

Daniel trying so hard not to stick his tongue out as he concentrates..

Pretty pictures of the Harley.....

Gremlin Bell, vital.

The Mistress

All this is just too much fun!!

 I leave you with the Workshop rules...

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