Friday, May 4, 2012

Engine removal day..

Day 3: 
Today was the last day of relatively easy jobs. Today the engine came out and I learnt the importance of leverage. We started with the radiator fan and it's cowling, and of course the radiator. Then undid the bolts holding in the exhaust manifolds, removed the alternator and loads of other bits, disconnected the air conditioning hoses before loosening the engine mounts. This was distinctly not fun. At one point a 3 foot ratchet extension was necessary. Luckily this is the bit Jeff enjoys, strange man that he is, figuring out how to get to the bolts up inside stuff. Man, that's one paragraph and it took us damn near all day! Anyway we got to the point where the engine should be unhooked just as Daniel got home, then followed a lot of vigorous jiggling until the extra bits holding it on were located and removed, there's always something. 

Searching and jiggling...

The moment it came free!

Yay engine!

Hole where engine used to be and a lot of hoses, cables and assorted gubbins.

So today was pretty momentous. I am filthy but happy and have used a unawiggle for the first time today.

Witness the filth! I swear I was dirtier in real life!

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