Saturday, May 12, 2012

Arsing and axles.

Day 5

  Today's job was a small one, to remove the rear axle and to learn the importance of the arsing about in the garage that accompanies all mechanicing. Jeff and Daniel had far too much fun rejigging the Bandit after it's first test rides, it now runs beautiful. Actually the workshop rules I got for Daniel sum it up nicely, I'll get a pic of them. 
  So anyway, the rear brakes came off without any trouble. Given they were rusty old drum brakes we were predicting a hell of a lot of levering, hammering and an eventual "teach Gillian how to use the grinder" session. Not a problem seeing as we're planning a disc conversion but as it turned out they were in pretty good shape and came off with a minimum of jiggling and we were able to salvage everything just in case the disc brake plan falls through. Got to give the Mustang more credit, it's not as knackered as it looks. Filthy? Yes. Completely buggered? No. 

Brake pads are none too shabby.

Once the brakes were disconnected and dripping safely, we used the joy that is 3 feet of leverage to unbolt the axle and lower it down on 2 jacks. We then managed to pull it out from under the back of the car and that's where it's still sitting. The bolts holding the axle to the drive shaft are resisting being removed and doing a good job of it too which means it's too big and unwieldy (not to mention heavy) to move. Perhaps tomorrow's "put the Harley together" day will include a "detach the axle from the drive shaft" sidebar. 

That's where it's sitting right now :P

We don't have horses we have car pieces! 

Also, Mechanix gloves mean less black hands and the only thing you can safely eat while doing these jobs are lollies. Not American "Smarties" those are not Smarties people!! 

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