Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Distractions 1.

Distraction 1a) Never content with only 1 project, there are a couple of others going on at the same time. The Bandit, regular ride to work every day type bike needs a carb' rebuild. We've been here a couple times before since the guy we bought it off had installed a fuel cut off valve with improper hosing that kinked and caused all sorts of problems with the carb's, the petcock, you name it. This time a full rebuild seems to have done the trick. Daniel is on a test ride as I type so fingers crossed he's ok. Jeff, master of the carburetor has helped with this rebuild, last time a partial rebuild didn't fix it completely, so this has to. Right?

Crew chiefs can fix anything...

Distraction 1b) We're trying to get this baby road legal. Daniel's pride and joy: a 2006 Harley Davidson Night Rod. Uber custom and called The Mistress she needs a new rear brake and work to repair damage caused during shipping her from the UK. I personally can't flippin' wait til she's back, that seat is SO much more comfy for long rides than the Bandit!

Fix me!

This must be heaven for Jeff and Daniel. What a Man Cave!! I should get them a mini fridge and speed dial to Dominoes. 

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