Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh dear lord, what a day!

Ok so, yesterday was pretty big. The Mustang is now distinctly less big and in many, many pieces. This kind of job needs a lot of room and for all nice shiny things to be far far away from ground zero. Look for all you doubters, Reginald is running and frankly gorgeous...

Look, all you have to do is hook the battery wires up properly!

Ok Mr Mustang your time is up. We have a Saw's all,  grinder, air chisel and axes. It's on.

I make the first cut....

Less text, more videos and pictures, we're cutting a car up. Not a lot you can say about that! We removed one of the rear windows pretty easily, the other was more stubborn so seeing as there's nothing we need from the car now except part of the floor pan we went destructo on it's ass!

Step 1: hit it with a ceramic sparkplug.
Verdict: fail.

Step 2: shoot it with ceramic bb's.
Verdict: also fail.

Step 3: hit it with a punch.
Verdict: better, however, video fail.

Off comes the boot/trunk

It's ass is literally on the floor lol :P

We tried removing the soft top, it's not that soft. We chopped all the fabric off and ended up leaving the mechanism attached as it was so hard core.

This is what we have so far, looking smaller....

Saw's all blade casualties, the first of many..

We got this far and discovered yet another big bar holding it. Time to bring out the big guns..

Also known as 2 axes and brute force. Crew Chief rule no' 1: if in doubt hit it with a bigger hammer.

Smiley Mustang :)

Smashing stuff is exhausting.

and this is what we're left with :)

Goofy face is goofy :P

I love this man <3

Art installation number 1

and number 2.

And we're done. Time for beer.

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