Thursday, July 26, 2012

*blows dust off blog*

Well it's been a little while since I updated and things have been rumbling on as per. Stuff has slowed up a bit as I've got a part time job and the main Mustang destruction phase is over! The Mustang is dismantled and relocated out back, the next step will be taking the engine apart, cleaning it up and rebuilding it.

Engine and tranny as they are now.

Final version of Mustang art installation

Grassy tyres.

What else has been going on in the garage of goodness? We've taken on a project for a friend and are hoping to get this baby up and running in exchange for some go carts! It needs a clutch which is not easy to find. 

Electric bike lol!

My motorbike is all Gillianified and I've been out practicing a bit. New handlebars are in place, gone are the weird drop thingies and hopefully in is more maneuverability. We've also replaced the rear indicators so they're not held on with electrical tape and sheet rock screws anymore, then straightened the pegs which I am assured were more bent than I could have made them in my "oops I forgot the kickstand" moment, clearly the previous owner had a similar issue. The air filters are all new and all the fluids have been changed. Hopefully the filters last a loooong time as they're a pain to get at.

Lovely new Harley lights. *custom mounts made by Jeff, and me, a bit*

Lovely new Harley bars.

 Speaking of Harley bits ours is now up and running beautifully after much hoo haa. She's been in the shop, this one > Big Dicks Bikes and had new O2 sensors installed and an Autotune system fitted. Well, eventually, it turned out our Power Commander was shot which apparently never happens so the lovely people replaced it, Daniel installed everything which was literally cramming 10 pounds of cr*p in a 4 pound bucket in terms of wiring lol.

This is what we call mechanicing these days lol

O2 sensor on exhaust

The proverbial 4 pound bucket!

The moment of Autotune truth........

And that's pretty much where we are right now. 

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